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The analemmatic sundial and henge presented on this page are located at the Keppel Kroft Farm and Gardens next to the Georgian Bay in Ontario. The dial is located at latitude 4447' N and longitude 8056' W. 

The sundial and henge were designed and constructed by Bill Loney (owner of Keppel Croft Farm and Gardens) and Steve Irvine (professional potter).

The photographs and information were supplied by Steve Irvine. For more information on these projects visit: The site has a lot of additional information and photographs. Make sure that you find your way to Sreve's pottery site where you are sure to find some very unique pieces.

Date Scale Keppel Henge Analemmatic Sundial

Keppel Henge Sundial
NASS #467 

The photographs above show the analemmatic sundial. It is 6 metres wide with the hours indicated by marker stones set into the ellipse.  The dial is set to read daylight saving time. The central part of the sundial, the date scale, is marked off in the 12 months of the year. A visitor stands at the appropriate location on the date scale and your shadow will give the time.

The dial is constructed of concrete with a mosaic of pottery pieces. It is a unique and beautiful creation!

Keppel Henge Keppel Henge is a 45 foot diameter stone circle located in a field near the sundial. It consists of an 11 foot central pointer stone of granite that casts its shadow on large limestone megaliths at different times of the years. 

The names of the stones are: The Summer Sunset Stone, The Equinox Sunset Stone, The Transit Stone, The Winter Sunset Stone, The North Star Stone, The Pointer Stone, The Summer Solstice Stone, The Summer Sunrise Stone, The Equinox Stone, The Equinox Sunrise Stone, The Winter Solstice Stone, The Winter Sunrise Stone.

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